Metering technology


The introduction of a high level of automation in metering technology has led to an extensive increase of efficiency through the use combined metering-, weighing- and packaging machines. The drive sources can be electromagnetic, pneumatic or an eccentric drive and these provide adjustable amplitude, which can be controlled for transporting materials with different feed rates. The required technical standards, in conjunction with constant loading, extreme relative humidity and the formation of dust, call for high specifications of S-Ply® leaf springs, with a high fatigue strength at constant spring flexibility. Conventional leaf springs barely fulfil these specifications, whilst S-Ply® leaf springs are ideal for such applications. The spring display only minor variations in behaviour, within a temperature range of minus 50°C up to plus 70°C. In metering technology S-Ply® leaf springs are used in applications for feeding and linking, whereas the good damping characteristics of the S-Ply® spring assist with optimal dosing precision.


Transportvibrator 1


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transport vibrator


transport vibrator


transport vibrator






Elektromagnetische Dosierrinne





electromagnetic metering flute


circle vibrator


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