For further product developments and research into new products and applications for S-Ply® leaf springs, Prause Durotec cooperates with industrial companies and scientific institutions.


Bühner & Schaible / University of Karlsruhe


In cooperation with the company Bühner & Schaible and the University of Karlsruhe, a new high frequency drive spring has been developed, based on the piezo effect; the so-called PKF-element (Piezo - Keramische – Feder = piezo – ceramic – spring). This technology provides extremly gentle, „gliding“ conveying, which is well suited for shock-sensitive products like pharmaceutical tablets. This world novelty is already in use in high frequency friction welding plants for thermoplastic profiles.


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Reitech SA


Reitech SA, who uses S-Ply® leaf springs in various vibration-conveying plants, are a long term business partner of Prause Durotec. The company Reitech SA is the authorised dealer for S-Ply® leaf springs in South Africa as well as an important partner, cooperation in the development of piezo-conveying plants. Reitech SA is a certified, reputable, engineering company, based in Cape Town, South Africa and has over 40 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of machines for the tobacco and food processing industry as well as in the field of special purpose machinery.


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University of Rostock


Mechanical characteristics such as fatigue strength and tensile/compression strength of newly developed S-Ply® leaf springs are tested and documented by Prof. Dr.-Ing G. Scharr of the institute for Construction Engineering and Light Industry at the University of Rostock.


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